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Hempstead Theater has been a Hempstead Texas Landmark and continuous operating movie theater since the 1920s and has been in various locations ever since. In fact, Hempstead Theater is the 2nd oldest business in Hempstead. Our current location was built back in 1978 when 35mm film was still standard. In September 2014, we converted to digital and surround sound. 

Here at our little gem, we strive to bring service with a smile. We strive to keep out hometown look and feel, and hope that everyone feels at home and gets great entertainment at an affordable price. We make everything fresh on a daily basis. We hope that once you experience your movie event here that you will not want to go back to the big theaters.

We are now putting the rating rules in effect - Rated R must be 18 years or older or accompanied by an adult. Rated PG13 must be 13 years or older or accompanied by an Adult. Rated G and PG must be 10 years or older or accompanied by an Adult.

Other Theater on the Area (especially after 6:00 p.m.) are doing the same and we want to continue to provide a nice, quite, safe and controlled environment for all out customers. We are very family oriented here, but have found an increasing issue with children being dropped off before we open without adult supervision (unaware of what they are really watching and what time the movie lets out). We want everyone to be able to enjoy their movie so please take time to visit our rules posted in the lobby. 

We enforce our rules, especially the NO TEXTING RULE WHILE THE MOVIE IS IN PROGRESS> 

Tickets and Events

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Ratings and Rules

Occasionally, we have extra operation days or extra hours such has Ladies Night, Couple Night, and Holiday events. 

Current ticket prices: $4.50 for matinee (as of August 1, 2017)

$6.50 after 6:00 p.m. (as of August 1, 2017)