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Come Join Us - Cool Summer Days and Nights at the Theater

Popcorn - Freshly Made Everyday

Large $6.50 (with or without butter)

Refill on Large $5.00

Medium $5.00 (with or without butter)

Refill on Medium $3.00

Small $3.00 (with or without butter)

Refill on Small $2.00

XSmall $1.50 (no butter) - no refills

Special This Week - BBQ Pork Nachos

All Box or Bag Candy $3.00

Wide Assortment of Theater Bag or Box


Chicken Tender Basket $5.00 (includes your choice of FF or TT)

Corn Dog Basket $5.00 (includes your choice of FF or TT

Combo $10.00 - 4 Jalapeno Poppers, 4 Cheese Sticks, 4 Taquitos, 2 Corn Dogs and your choice of FF or TT.

Burgers will be back next week.

We have had to raise a few of our prices (first in 13 years).

Please read through our menu and see the Changes.

Our kitchen will be going through some changes - please be patient

Fun Packs (All Ages) $5.00

Includes your choice of a hot dog or nacho

XSmall popcorn (no butter)

Med. Drink

Choice of 2 small candies (from our basket)

Nachos $3.00 (add homemade chili $1.00)

Frito Pie $3.00 (made with homemade chili)

Chili Cheese French Fries or Tater Tots $3.00

Fountain Drinks

Large $3.50 - refill $2.50

Medium $2.50 - refill $1.50

Small $1.50 - no refill

Other Drinks

Tea (sweet or unsweet) $3, $2 or $1

Lemonade $3, $2 or $1

Bottle Water $2.00

Malts, Shakes or Floats $4.00 (Blue Bell)

Seasonal Drinks - Watermelon Limeade, Hot Chocolate and Hot Coffee