After almost 100 years, Hempstead Movie Theater has closed.  The Theater has served the Waller County area since the 1920's and we were very proud to be part of the History.  
We want to thank the community for supporting us for the last 14 years.  We are so thankful for all of the memories that you shared.  With the help of my Family and many Friends we were able to offer a great movie experience (nothing better than a hometown movie experience).  We had many birthday parties (young and older kids, LOL), Anniversary parties, Family Reunions, a Wedding, a Proposal, Townhall meetings, Landfill meetings, Training facility, Baby showers, Girl's Night Out, Valentine Dinners, Mother and Father' Day Lunches, Date nights, Playstation parties, Xbox parties, Live Music Events (Kenny and Ashley Allen), Hempstead ISD, Waller ISD, Royal ISD, 4H Groups, Boy and Girl Scouts Groups, Overnight sleepovers for family and friends and much more.  Thank you for letting us Host your Events.  Pretty much everything I set out to do, I was able to accomplish thanks to your support.
Thanks to our Friends and Customers for the New Projection and Sound System (Bob and Becky Gage).  Thanks to everyone that donated money to recover our seats.
Thanks to my wonderful family and friends - Jimmy and Doris Needham (previous owners of 40 years), Doug Holloman (dad), Joyce Jackson (mom), David and Danielle (husband and daughter), Robert and Jessica Holloman (brother and sister in-law), Linda Scarbrough, Shane Smith, Melissa Hegemeyer, Billy and Christi Knight, Denise Pappas & Tim Lloyd, Sid and Tim Chipman, Ramona Ortiz, Jessie Sandoval, Hunter Knight, Cody and Nicole Sempe. 
Look for us at the Christmas Festival in December.  We are rebranding to Hempstead Mobile Theater and Events (HMTheater and Events.  We will be bringing your movie experience to your location.  Projection and Concession setup, inside or outside at your preferred location.  Starting Phase 2 and making new memories.

Rebranding for 2022 - HMT and Events (Hempstead Mobile Theater and Events)
You have the DVD?  We have the indoor or outdoor equipment and concessions. We will come to your location.

Coming To You and Your Home in the New Year

We will be bringing the Movie Experience to You and Your Space.

You provide the DVD and we bring our projection equipment and concessions (popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs, nachos, signature lemonade, cotton candy, slushies and more) 

to your space (inside or outside).

Yes we are going Mobile - A new way to enjoy a movie experience.